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Sugar Technology & Sugar Engineering



The main concerns of the Departments are the technologies used in the sugar cane industry.




To improve the efficiency of the sugar cane industry through the development and implementation of new technologies, and to assist the industry in solving technical problems.


On going research projects


1. Cane quality


Due to increasing mechanization in the fields, the quality of cane received at the factories has deteriorated considerably, resulting in poor sugar recovery. Consequently, studies are being carried out on :

  • methods of cane cleaning
  • use of trash as a renewable fuel source
  • technical and economical aspects involved in the use of trash as fuel in boilers
  • detection and methods for the removal of rocks in cane loads
  • development of method to evaluate the amount of extraneous matter in cane loads

2. Crushing


Mill extraction has improved considerably during the past years. 
The following projects have been identified to reduce the costs of operating and maintaining the mills:

  • evaluation of the methods used to remove suspended matter in mixed juice
  • evaluation of losses caused by microbial activities and the efficiency of biocides on the milling tandem

3. Clarification and filtration


Juice clarification and filtration are important in the sugar manufacturing process and their efficiencies have to be maximized so as to eliminate impurities that can affect any subsequent processes. The studies involved are:

  • evaluation and control of sucrose losses in clarifiers during factory stoppages
  • evaluation and control of sucrose losses in clarifiers and filters during normal operation
  • Optimization of filter operations

4. Evaporation, crystallization, centrifugation and drying


Present projects include:

  • evaluation of steam economy in the evaporator stations using computer software adapted for local conditions
  • identification of factors responsible for a low pH in the evaporators and the adoption of appropriate corrective methods
  • studies on the rise of molasses purity in continuous centrifugals
  • evaluation of continuous A-centrifugals and vertical crystallizers
  • improvement in the quality of raw sugar

5. Molasses exhaustibility


Molasses contain a significant amount of sucrose and its maximum exhaustibility has always been a priority for the sugar technologists.


6. Steam and energy


Projects for the optimization of steam and power requirements in the different manufacturing processes are being carried out with the aim of increasing electricity export to the national grid so as to reduce our import of fossil fuel.


7. Automation and engineering



Projects relate to the development of efficient control strategies for the different manufacturing processes.

8. Environment


Audits are regularly carried out in sugar factories to help compliance with discharge norms for factory effluents.







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