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R & D Implementation plan

Research to meet growers’ expectations is central to support the cane industry in its quest towards greater efficiency and reduced costs.  The 2012-2016 R & D implementation plan addresses the concerns of the stakeholders through:


The  2012-2016 R & D implementation plan is based on four main thrusts:


Thrust  1 - Agriculture: To increase productivity of the growers through exploitation of better varieties and improved production systems. This includes all aspects of research for sugarcane development from breeding to selection and field plantation


Thrust  2 - Analytical Services & Consultancy: To provide services to the industry in chemical, biochemical and biological testing and in production systems


Thrust  3 - Industrial Sustainability: To ensure and extend existing environmental sustainable programmes, efficient energy use with greater emphasis on exploitation of sugarcane co-products


Thrust  4 - Cane Agri-Business: Looking at new opportunities, partnerships with private companies/other institutions for new products development and engaging in training.